Monday, May 13, 2013

My Favorite PTR (Paid-to-Read) Programs

What is a PTR Program?

Don't you only make a few cents per click? Doesn't it take forever to cash out? Are you afraid that you'll work for weeks clicking and when you're ready to cash out the company goes under and you cannot get your hard-earned cash??

Here are a few of my favorite PTR sites. They offer excellent referral income if you can get a dozen or so people in your downline. All of these companies have paid me many times and have been around for years -- they're not going anywhere!

One of my absolute favorites is Hits 4 Pay. This company has been around for over 10 years and has paid me per their terms consistently and without any problems ever. The minimum payout is $25, which is a bit steep, but they pay a minimum of $0.02 per email read and send dozens each week. They pay $0.01 for each read email from every single referral two levels down. Let's say you refer 15 people who each refer 10 people. You'd get paid for your 15 direct first level referrals each time they clicked an email as well as each of their 10 referrals on your second level downline. That can really add up if you get a dozen or two active referrals! Hits 4 Pay offers a $5 sign-up bonus for new members.

Another program from this same company is Deals N Cash. Deals N Cash is very similar but only pays for direct referrals (one level, not two like Hits 4 Pay) and payout is $30. Get a $5 sign-up bonus right now when you join.

Another long-timer is ClixSense. They pay anywhere from a few cents, which may take a minute to view the ad and earn, and also have micro-ads that pay a tenth of a cent but only take literally 3 seconds to earn the cash for viewing the ad. Most ads pay between half a cent and a cent, but I have seen 2 cent ads and higher. The minimum payout is only $10 and ClixSense pays for eight levels of referrals!

Link Grand is another top favorite. Minimum payout is only $5 and they pay great referral bonuses.

Two sites I only recently joined are Nerdbux and NeoBux. Both offer low payout minimums, great referral incentives, and, of course, are free to join.

Please check out these programs and sign up if you're not already a member. These are all *FREE* programs so you will never have to pay anything to sign up. Some programs offer premium accounts with added benefits for a minimal price, but I am a free member and never pay for my membership! Check out how easy earning an extra hundred or two per month (or more) can be.

For a list of more of my favorite programs, please check out PTRs That Pay and learn how you can build your downline to triple your PTR income!