Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Instant Rewards (IR) vs ZipNadaZilch (ZNZ)

Most people have heard of Instant Rewards (IR) and ZipNadaZilch (ZNZ). Some people are already members, some people are hesitant to join. Are they scams? I am a member of both and can say I have been paid numerous times: they are NOT scams. Do I have a preference over the companies? YES, and I will tell you why as well as provide some basic information about the concept of the two similar companies and the pros and cons.

By the way, ZNZ has been paying millions since 2007 and IR has been paying millions since 2009, so they are both reputable and established companies.


Signing up for these companies is incredibly easy. Completing your 1.0 credit to make you eligible to earn IS, quite honestly, a hassle. I won't lie. BUT, once you complete your credit, that's it. You NEVER have to complete any further credits, never have to invest an additional dime to earn money, and never have to meet quotas. You have unlimited earning potential once you pass this 1.0 credit barrier. It does usually cost about $5 to $15 to complete your credit, but sometimes your sponsor is willing to cover all or part of this if you sign up under them.

However, all that being said, this is how you are able to be paid $60-$70 or more per referral. This is the heart of how Instant Rewards and ZipNadaZilch generate their income and are able to pay us. It's a pain to complete your credit, but once you do, that's it. I think thirty minutes of a pain in the padiddle is a small price to pay for multiple payments of $60 and $70 and more each week.

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Recruiting people to sign up is usually pretty easy. Recruiting people to sign up and complete their full 1.0 credit can be more challenging. Many people have mixed feelings about these companies and are incredibly hesitant to join. Not only do they want to join FREE programs only, they don't want to complete trial offers and want to get rich quick or make easy money. You and I both know this is not living in the real world...

I find it very easy to generate leads in Facebook under the various work from home groups and classifieds groups as well as free classifieds elsewhere online. I write blogs such as this one to help people understand more about the programs and join if they'd like. Twitter and other social media as well as traffic exchanges can also be used. I am not rich from these programs but I earn a few hundred to a few thousand each month. Some months are slower than others.

How much do I work at it each week? Most weeks I devote only about 5-15 hours to these opportunities. Again, a small price to pay for earning hundreds or more each month with work at home!

RESIDUAL INCOME: IR Has It, but Not ZNZ (as far as I know)

I personally spend more time trying to recruit for Instant Rewards because they pay residual income on two levels. It's not much, only 5%, but let's do some simple math.

If you recruit a modest ten people each month, that's about 2-3 per week, and each of them recruit 5 people each month (50 people total for that level), then they each recruit only ONE person per month (50 more people), and you earn 5% of all this... That equals $350! All for basically doing nothing. This is on top of what you earn for each direct referral, which would be $70. So your initial reward for recruiting your 10 referrals would be $700 for the month, plus the residual income of THOSE 10 people recruiting of $175 for the first level and another $175 for the second level. Maybe that sounds confusing, but trust me, residual income is ALWAYS a good thing!


To me, it seems like the offers in ZNZ are more plentiful and easier to complete. Not that the IR offers are bad or difficult, but I think ZNZ has a better selection of offers overall. I still prefer IR over ZNZ simply because of the potential residual income you can generate with just a few sign ups per month. You can preview all the offers before joining either program to see what's available.


ZNZ usually provides bonuses where you can earn more. The normal payout is $60 for BigCash (the link I used to join) but most months they offer 25% or more bonus, making your commission per referral $75. IR provides $70 per referral for the Gold (the link I used to join). I'm not aware if IR rewards bonuses such as this.


Let's sum it up: yes, completing your credit is a pain, but after that it's smooth sailing with unlimited earning potential!!

If you want to join Instant Rewards, please click here: JOIN IR
If you want to join ZipNadaZilch, please click here: JOIN ZNZ

If you express interest, I can add you to my Facebook support groups to help you along the way with how to most effectively promote and how to earn money, screenshot proofs of payments, and a community of others in these programs who are there to help. Just let me know! Best wishes. : D