Sunday, November 17, 2013

AP Sense: Promote for Free with Excellent Results!

AP Sense is a free international business networking opportunity with multiple ways to earn and promote.

I am probably the laziest person for miles and miles, but AP Sense makes it easy to promote business opportunities in many ways and also to earn real cash. There are thousands of active members in this community and you can make literally dozens or even hundreds of connections every day.

Get your opportunity out there in many different forms. Create promotional pages (what they call "Rev Pages"), send campaigns (or click to earn credits or cash opportunities for other members -- and you, too, can earn by clicking other members' campaigns to earn cash or credits), and they also have a "Business Center" where you can highlight your favorite sites. You can offer your "talents" such as editing, promoting, researching, adding backlinks, making videos and programming, just to name a few, to earn cash and you can join an unlimited number of groups to also promote your opportunities.

AP Sense does have a traffic exchange, but it's not ideal for me. The timer is long (compared to other [more effective] TEs) and you can only promote up to five websites. I don't see an option for targeting with their traffic exchange, either, but it is a nice add-on overall and another way OF MANY to get your opportunity seen. I would personally use Easy Hits 4U or most other traffic exchanges instead of this one, but I do log in every now and then to get a couple potentially new prospects!

Refer just five free members per month for a free upgraded account with even more perks.

For the most part I have received excellent results with AP Sense. To redeem your cash you need to accumulate a minimum of $50, which can take some time, but I don't use this opportunity for the cash. It's a goldmine in free advertising for me and I highly recommend it if you are seeking referrals, connections, business advice, or anything similar. Join AP Sense for free today and check it out for yourself. There's no risk except a few minutes of your time. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. : )