Tuesday, December 3, 2013

SFI: Free International Business Program

SFI (Strong Futures International) has been in business for many years and generates a ton of income for it's affiliates. It will not happen overnight and some work is involved.

This is no get-rich-quick scheme! Join free and start earning hundreds of dollars within just a few short months.
When you join, log in daily and learn as much about the business as you can. They award something called Versa Points that help you grow your income, and they are easy to obtain free.

Want to pay off debt faster? Retire earlier? QUIT YOUR JOB and WORK FROM HOME?? Join now!

STILL NOT SURE? That's okay. Here are some facts you might want to know:

• SFI has been around for more than 15 years and has paid literally millions of dollars to its affiliates.

• SFI is available in nearly 200 countries, so it truly is a worldwide opportunity.

• How much can you expect to earn? The first few months it will realistically only be a few dollars. It will continue to grow... A year or two down the road you may be earning hundreds, but will likely be earning thousands of dollars each month!

• Hundreds of people sign up daily and start their long-term income generator to secure their financial future with this company. Will you be one of them?

I am here for support. Join under me and you will get my contact information. I like to communicate weekly to be sure my members are on the right track and to answer any questions. Ready to join? http://tinyurl.com/sfifreecash

Reasons Why SFI is One of the BEST Opportunities Available:

1. No purchase requirements. Affiliates can qualify for all ranks with just actions or combinations of actions and sales.

2. Earn from up many different income streams, such as Direct Commissions, TripleClicks Executive Pool, Co-Sponsor Commissions, Peak Performer Bonuses, and more!

3. Thousands of commissionable products, with new products being added daily!

4. International opportunity.

5. Earn up to 72% of total Commission Volume on every customer sale you generate (see site for full terms and conditions), PLUS lucrative, residual income streams of up to 40% CV!

6. Unlimited earning potential!

7. Compression is utilized on Network Overrides, which means you can earn commissions infinitely deep in your organization!

Peak Performer Bonuses

Make the top 20 in any of three Peak Performer Quarterly Contests (Top Sponsors, Top Sellers, or Top Builders) and you'll receive one of the following cash bonuses or prizes:

• $1000 for first place

• $500 for second place

• $200 for third place

• $100 for 4th through 10th place

• 100 free TripleClicks Credits for 11th through 20th place

LaunchPad Lessons:

For your first 30 days, SFI send you a special daily e-mail that contains a link to exclusive, copyrighted LaunchPad™ getting-started training Website.
Each of the 30 LaunchPad™ editions includes a simple, one-question quiz; answer it correctly and receive Versa Points, which help propel you to the next level of earning potential. These lessons can be used as a guide for success in virtually any business, not just SFI, so these lessons are incredibly valuable!

The following is my absolute BEST tip regarding how you can make SFI a good business for you to earn money. Follow these steps, and believe in what I explain here, it is possible to earn a decent income.

It starts with the SFI Basic 3-Step Plan:

1. Become an EA (Executive Affiliate) and remain an EA each month.

2. Recruit 5 people each month to follow you.

3. Teach them to do the same as you.

I follow this plan and it makes me money... I set up a Standing order (SO) of a few T Credits and two shares of S-Builder so I get extra referrals, which brings me to over 1500 Versa Points (VP) to maintain EA status and get an extra 100 VP monthly automatically.
UPDATE (August 2015): I have recently edited my Standing Order to purchase the 125 TCredit Pack for $36.25 each month. I can place bids on auctions, play games and win big, and more. This automatically gets me the 1500 VP for EA status.

I log in to my site EVERY DAY and do the daily tasks just to keep building my VP. Remember: you need at least 1500 VP every month to keep EA status. This has a cost of less than $50.

If you do this, and find 5 people to do exactly the same as you, You will earn a very decent income before you know it! When you start getting your own team encourage them to follow this same steps. If you can’t afford even that much money to start, then ask yourself one question:

... Can you afford $2.00 US per month?

Then start with the SFI Profit Plan. START SMALL, AND GROW BIG! Just replace step 1 above with this step:

1. Setup a standing order for 1 Tcredit. It costs $1.99.

Steps 2 and 3 are the same.

If you find 5 people to do the same thing, you will have a profit. The more people you find, the more profit you will make. Then, when you reach a point where you are getting $30 or $40 US profit, you can start to be an EA and set up your SO (Standing Order) for 1500 VP. For each person you sponsor that does the same thing, and sets up a standing order for $1.99 you earn commission. Getting only five people each month to do this same thing will help you earn a handsome paycheck in just a few months!

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