Saturday, November 3, 2012

Zip Nada Zilch (ZNZ): My Personal Experience and Opinions

ZNZ: Is it worth it? Is there potential? Should I do it? How does it all work?

So, Zip Nada Zilch, also dubbed ZNZ for short, is a program in which people sign up for trials or offers, most of which are free or low cost (low cost is what I consider $2 or $3 or less) and then can make a huge amount of money for every person they refer to the program.

Pros and Cons

This program is only valid in the USA, Canada, and the UK. That's it. With everyone in the world connected online and so many millions of people in other localities, it would be better if it were more widely available to recruit referrals, but oh well.

It may cost you $8 or $11 to sign up, somewhere in the range of $0 to $10 typically to begin your membership, but with the Miracle Money Daily program, you essentially spend no out of pocket money and even get a few bucks free since you are reimbursed $15.

Once you're a member, you're always a member. You can refer as many people as possible and get paid for all of them without doing another thing (except promotion, of course). You can potentially earn anywhere between $45 minimum and over $80 per referral with Miracle Money Daily. There are frequent monthly specials featured through Zip Nada Zilch that can increase your earning potential.

This program is very flexible. You can work at home part-time or many hours per week to try to maximize the money you make.

It may not be incredibly easy to obtain referrals. The sign up process does take about 15 minutes. It's well worth it in my opinion, because all you have to do after signing up is promote. I wish there were some kind of residual income, but it's just not offered with Miracle Money Daily. This may be due to PayPal policies, one of the methods through which ZNZ pays.

Ways to Promote

You can promote this program however you like. There are many creative outlets you can choose, from the typical traffic exchange capture pages, flyers at the local malls, businesses, and colleges, to name just a few places, free or paid classifieds online or print, direct mail and email, and plenty of other ways.

Appeal of the Program

Because the referral incentive is so high, it's very worth the twenty or thirty minutes it takes to sign up and complete 1.0 credit for trial offers at ZNZ. I wrote down what trials I decided to try, marked the expiration on my calendar, kept those I liked and canceled those I didn't. I paid a total of less than $10 to complete my credit and was reimbursed $15, thereby gaining $5 right off the bat as profit. I have received only a few referrals with this program, I think due to the fact it CAN be a bit tedious to sign up initially and gain that 1.0 credit. However, once you receive a referral or two or three per week (or month even), it is well worth the minimal amount of time to sign up, in my honest opinion.

Money is tight these days. If you know anyone looking for a few easy extra bucks, this program is for you. They can sign up with no out of pocket costs (as can YOU), and can earn an unlimited amount of money. There is great potential for this program. Check it out now if you're interested in earning extra money from the comfort of your home with no upfront costs ever:

Note: I have screenshots available to show payment proof. I have been paid in a timely fashion EVERY time from this company!

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