Monday, May 26, 2014

"Richest people in the world searching for networks and made ​​them. Other people are looking for a job." -- JOIN SFI FREE NOW for longterm residual income!

SFI (Strong Futures International)

"Richest people in the world searching for networks and made ​​them. Other people are looking for a job."

SFI (Strong Futures International) is an established international company that was founded in 1998. SFI has many registered members in over 190 countries around the world. To register with this company is absolutely free and there is no obligation for purchases or payments of any kind. In every business investment is essential... In this company we believe that investing a few hours a day and following simple steps one can achieve success.

Within SFI there is an online store: TripleClicks, which showcases over 125,000 items from over 90 countries. With registration you become an SFI affiliate and you are get the opportunity to promote the entire shop or just some articles that you like and you can gain 45% of the profit for any item that sells from your promotional link! Registration is free at:

SFI offers an excellent internet based marketing course, carefully put together in order to easily and rapidly develop you from beginner to expert of internet marketing. There are also units in the Launchpad (green button in the upper right corner) that explain how SFI and TripleClicks function. You receive these daily for a whole month. There are also many other tools that help in building a sound business within SFI and all of them should be carefully read and understood with no hurry. These courses are not only helpful for building your SFI business, but ANY primarily online business!

SFI is the best online MLM program, with up to 12 levels that provide a stable and long term, residual income. For those not familiar with MLM programs, please don’t worry, as the free educational programs will teach all you need to know. SFI runs a profit share program. All members who in the current month collect 1,500 points are entered into this automatically. You are not obliged to buy anything in order to collect 1,500 points. This is very easy and I will explain how to collect points:

What is most important to do during the first 24 hours after registration?

Log in to your online office!
Open HOME and then TO-DO LIST and start collecting points with easy activities from which you will learn a lot and won’t cost you anything – everything is explained with short and clear instructions which you just have to read and act upon.
Keep in mind: during first 24 hours after registration, once you collect 500 VP (Versa Points), which is easy as the points are everywhere, you get a bonus of 200 VP, so you have 1,000 VP. You will need 1 or 2 hours to do this after registration.

Your aim is to earn 1,500VP as soon as possible and achieve an EA status which brings you earnings.
All this is very simple as you have the opportunity to choose the language you understand, by clicking Google Translate in the lower right corner of the screen.

Start your business absolutely free!

Your earnings are calculated every 10th of the month. From any purchase carried out by someone you recommended to TripleClicks, you get 45% of the earnings. Every time someone buys anything, anytime from any promotional link you advertise you get 45% commission.

If you have any questions or doubts, please get in touch with me in order to clarify everything. This a team effort and we help each other to succeed together and that can be seen and felt only when the work starts. Each of us enters SFI with an individual vision, but always has the support from the entire system anytime it is required. The principle is – if I do well and earn well, so will you – and anyone who enters the system, if they do well, you will do even better!! The system is simple and you can learn rapidly through practice.

CONTACT: Bethany R Marsh ID 13034019

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