Monday, May 26, 2014

Simple Plan to SFI Wealth: MYSTERY SOLVED!

The simple plan I make to guide my new affiliates on how to start with their SFI business. One of the reason that make new sign ups quit is that they get lost and overwhelmed with the information they see inside SFI website. Presenting them with a simple plan will help them get started.

If you are already a Team Leader and is doing good in your SFI business allow me to congratulate you for a job well done. If you're only starting or finding it hard to maintain your status in SFI this simple plan might help you. If you find this helpful you are free to share this to your downline.

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-Determine the remaining number of days for the current month. For example you sign up on the 15th of the month that means that you still have 15 days (for a 30 days month) left to reach you EA status.
-Compute the number of VP that you can get from your Daily Tasks. Example, if you have 15 days multiply it with 11 VP then it will give you 165 VP. That means you need 1335 VP to reach your EA status.

-Go to your VP Ledger page ( and complete the tasks that will give you the 1335 VP needed for your EA status. Remember that if you completed 500 VP within your first 24 hrs of signing up in SFI you will get a bonus of additional 200 VP for becoming a SFI Fast Track member. You will also get your Fast Track member badge.

-IMPORTANT: Just complete the task in your VP Ledger that will give you the needed number of VP for your EA Status . You can reserve the other task (VP) for your second month. Make sure also to log in and complete your Daily Tasks so you can get the required number of VP from your Daily Task.

-Your first month goal is to become a Fast Track member and to reach your EA status. By doing this simple plan, you can be sure that you will accomplish your goal. Additional goal is to READ and LEARN about the system of SFI.
-Feel free to explore SFI website, READ and LEARN all the useful information that you can find.
NOTE: Participate daily in the Daily Grand Draw for a chance to win the Daily Grand Prize.


1. Maintain EA2 Status.
2. Find at least 2-5 Personally Sponsored Affiliates (PSAs).

-Compute the VP that you can get from your Daily Tasks. For example, if the current month is a 30 days month that means that you can get at least 330 VP from your daily tasks (11 VP from the red tabs and more daily).
-Go to your VP Ledger page and check how much is the remaining VP that you can get from your uncompleted tasks. This may vary...
-Check if you are eligible for the monthly Task like "Rate your Sponsor" and "Setting your monthly goal."
-Assess how many VPs you can get to maintain your EA2 Status (1500 VP required).

-You can contact your Sponsor if you find any problem in completing some of the task in your VP Ledger.

-If the available VP is not enough to reach 1500 VP to maintain your EA2 Status I personally recommend that you purchase a single or multiple TCredits from TripleClicks. 1 TCredit will cost you $1.89 and will give you 102 VP and 5 MRP. Purchasing multiple TCredits can help you complete the 1500 VP required for your EA2 Status. You can use the TCredits and MRP in your 3rd month goal.


1. Reach Bronze Team Leader Status.
2. Find more PSAs.

-It may be ambitious to reach Bronze Team Leader Status in your third or fourth month but it can be done. This is considering that you already find at least 3 PSAs that will also maintain their EA2 status. If not, concentrate on finding your 3 active PSAs and just maintain your EA2 status until you find them. The easiest way to maintain your EA2 Status is to place a 1500 VP standing order. (Consider just "switching your store" to TC [TripleClicks] for cleaning supplies, gifts, and other items you may buy both frequently or occassionally.)
-To reach BTL status you must earn 3000 VP (2000 Sales Versa Points and minimum 1000 Action VP). Below is a simple plan to help you earn 3000 VP:

MONTHLY VP Rate your Sponsor 10 VP
Set your goal 5 VP
1500 VP for SO (Standing Order): 100 VP

WEEKLY VP Send Team email 120 VP
Visit TC connect page 20 VP
Post Stream Post 12 VP

DAILY VP Complete Daily Tasks 330 VP (For 30-day month)
Bonus VP per auction Bid 129 VP

Assuming you already have 3 PSAs that will maintain EA2 status 300 VP

SALES VP: (Max 2000 VP)
-Place a 125 TCredits Standing Order (Cost $36.25) 1500 VP
-Use the 125 TCredits in Auction. For every bid you make you will get 1 VP and 5 MRP. Total MRPs that you will get is 625 MRP. Use this MRP to buy 4 TCredits (126 MRP/TCredits), you will get 102 VP and 5 MRP per TCredit you buy. 408 VP (Bonus is if you win in the auction)

-You have a remaining 121 MRP + 20 MRP from the purchase of 4 TCredits so you still have 141 MRPs. This will enable you to purchase an additional 1 TCredit. 102 VP TOTAL SALES VP 2010 VP

TOTAL SALES VP + TOTAL ACTION VP= 1026 + 2000= 3026 VP

Note: To receive the full benefit of being a Team Leader you should also comply with the other requirements .

The next important thing that you should do is to find PSAs that will duplicate this plan. As your active PSAs increase, the VP that you will get from “TEAM LEADERSHIP & SUPPORT” action will increase and it will help you advance to next Team Leader Status.


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